It is our pleasure to present to you the development plan for the next 3 years from ARIBUKA!All information on the progress of implementation of the plans will be regularly published on the official resources of the company. There might be slight changes or possible deviations in terms of implementation.

2021 / 23

  • 2021


  • Q2

  • Q3

  • Q4

  • 2022


  • Q6

  • Q7

  • Q8

  • 2023


  • Q10

  • Q11

  • 2024


1Q 2021

  • Official registration of the company in the UK.
  • Development of international business representatives of the company
  • Branding of ARIBUKA products
  • Integration of fiat as well as crypto currency payment systems
  • Signing of the electronic contracts ARIBUKA with prospective IPO ICO companies


  • Advanced video presentation about the work of ARIBUKA
  • Design of promotional materials for leaders of structural organizations
  • Implementation of the Bounty program available to every investor ARIBUKA
  • Localization of the ARIBUKA online platform into English, Spanish and French


  • Launch of the ARIBUKA online platform
  • Upgrading the online platform to enhance the security of the company’s website
  • Shooting out of ARIBUKA social advertisements


  • Launch an advertising company to scale up the company
  • Ongoing monitoring of promising areas for increasing investor's capital
  • Release endogenous token
  • Summing up the results of the year

1Q 2022

  • Videoconference of the President and partners of ARIBUKA
  • Upgrading the online platform ARIBUKA
  • Online presentation and training leaders


  • Offline events and trainings from ARIBUKA
  • Launch of a new advertising campaign to expand ARIBUKA
  • Video presentation training for leaders


  • Search for additional instruments to increase capital
  • Opening of 5 worldwide client consulting offices
  • Analysis of competitive environment to improve ARIBUKA services


  • Development of an additional marketing component to improve the quality of services
  • Development of the technical part to improve the capacity of ARIBUKA servers
  • Summing up the results of the year, offline meeting of leaders, and solving issues in all departments of the company.

1Q 2023

  • Opening of an official representative office in Europe
  • Promotion - Be financialy independent with ARIBUKA
  • ARIBUKA company patenting


  • Land acquisition for ARIBUKA head office
  • Building of a free-standing building with additional communications company ARIBUKA
  • Opening 10 offices around the world for customer consulting


  • Expanding the clients base, for worldwide scaling
  • Shooting out promos with celebrities
  • Signing contracts with major IPO companies


  • Search for leaders in IPO ICO POS MINING to expand the director's staff
  • Localization of the online platform in the 10 most popular and accessible languages
  • Summing up the results of the year, as well as creation new plans for the new working year